Style Fantasies – French Class


Not that I’m attending French classes in particular. But this outfit is everything I want to wear on a casual day running errands and attending class. I love the muted tones and the pop of color at the neck. I would feel like a lady in this…a lady with edge. I would wear an updo, like maybe a huge topknot, and I would be eating a chocolate filled croissant. Coffee would, of course, be included and I would be reading I Capture The Castle in my spare time…sigh…I LOVE how something as simple as putting together an outfit can me imagine how an entire day will go!

When you see clothes or outfits does it take you away. I can’t help but see myself in them and when I look at the ensemble I envision a place/setting for it to be worn. Maybe it’s a bookstore and for that moment I can only see that outfit being worn wonderfully well in a bookstore. Because it was made to be worn while browsing Shakespeare. I guess in a way…it actually was.