Style Fantasies – Browsing Bookstores

    This outfit brings to mind a wonderful day spent browsing bookstores. Not the big ones like Barnes and Noble (my Heart does hold a special place for them) but instead the small little musty bookstores. You know the ones…packed to the brim with books, most of which you’ve never heard of. The smell is very similar to that of a library…breathe it in…It’s one of my favorite smells.
I would be edgy and girly but look studious as well because I need reading glasses and lately those are back in style. I would leave the store with only about five books because I’m practicing restraint these days. Everyone I walked past would be left in a light haze of Miss Dior Cheri fragrance and turn just in time to see my chiffon outfit floating past. It would be a lovely day…absolutely lovely.