Shorts With Tights & Tights With Shorts

About a year ago I created this fantasy outfit and wrote the following….I was terrified of wearing shorts with tights. There seem to be soooo many ways that it could go wrong. I was so scared that I decided to create some virtual ideas before I went for the real experience. As it happens…I’m no longer afraid! Anxious is the word of the day because I can’t wait to put those puppies together and see how they handle…wish me lucky!

Well. I’m still excited :) Bring on the change of season, I say. I’ll have my knee patches to keep me chilly warm. I still don’t think mixing denim shorts and tights is very attractive. Its just not for me. I much prefer a classy look when pairing the two. Having said that, I do like a little scandal/trashy to my outfits as well. Like what we have down here…

Another thing. I’ve always lived in California where we don’t have what can genuinely be called ‘winter’. So I actually could wear something like this in winter and not freeze to death. As long as I had a nice coat up top.

What are your thoughts? Do you like tights with shorts & shorts with tights? Would it be too frivolous where you live when the cold sets in?