Teal With A Splash Of Mustrad


I’m back! Its been ages since I’ve posted frivolous nonsense here. I’ve been focusing on my writing but I seriously need to look at some pretty things again!! I cleaned up this site, removing the posts that were more geared towards Daily Dose of Hannah (my new site) and transferring them. Now all of my main written posts will go here and this will remain my diary for all things pretty and fun.

These dresses are HOT. Made to showcase curves and give a woman quite a walk. I like the idea of pairing them with a classic suede mustard pump and keeping the accessories really basic to let the dresses take spotlight. Teal is such a beautiful color when it’s a darker shade like this as opposed to a much brighter shade – which looks horrible on my skin! I am especially in love with the middle one.

Which one is your favorite?