I’ve Fallen In Love With Flats – From Modcloth

I do not wear flats. It’s not that flats aren’t flattering in themselves, it’s just that when up against heels they rarely come out first in the looks department. When I need a comfortable shoe that won’t kill me for a day of walking I’ll wear wedges. Because in my book those are basically as comfortable as flats when I factor in my delight, that they aren’t in fact, flats. If that makes sense.
But these? These flats above which are delightfully fun and cheery? I would wear these. How have I never thought to look at Modcloth for shoes before?! Seriously guys, they have amazing selection. I always think of Modcloth as the holy land for dresses and coats but they impressed me today with all the extras. I stopped in Apartment and meandered through Accessories too before naming them my new favorite store. I was that excited.
These shoes have changed my mind regarding flats. They no longer equal boring and sad in my book. Now, they are yet another way to add even more awesome to my outfits. Thanks Modcloth…From the very bottom of my body.
Update: I completely forgot to mention the name of the designer for the fabulously cheeky pairs on the bottom. Loly In The Sky. Because I know you were wondering :)