California Dreaming

This outfit was made for a outing to a small town full of palm trees and old people. A day spent browsing antique shops and sitting on park benches with an  ice cream cone. It feels a little retro and so naturally some winged liner and an updo are necessary to complete the look. The mood evoked is cheerful and flirtatious. Also, laughter is a side effect of being dressed so colorfully. Yours and others.
Anyways, I’ve taken California’s dreamy weather for granted. Its taken me picking another state to live in to see that clearly. I don’t think of the weather here…its nice 88% of the time. And how could I possibly mind the other 12% when I can wear an outfit, like above, in February without getting a chill?! Exactly, I can’t. But when planning this move…the weather always seems to come up. What about snow? But its so humid! Is it always raining there?!
This is all just to say…I’m feeling pretty spoiled right now.
Because tomorrow it may be rain storms or freezing at night but, god, I’m so lucky to have enjoyed this beautiful weather for so long.
And now…A song.

Sheet Music Listen to
I love You California
Written by F. B. Silverwood
Composed by A. F. Frankenstein

I love you, California, you’re the greatest state of all
I love you in the winter, summer, spring, and in the fall.
I love your fertile valleys; your dear mountains I adore,
I love your grand old ocean and I love her rugged shore.


I love your redwood forests – love your fields of yellow grain,
I love your summer breezes, and I love your winter rain,
I love you, land of flowers; land of honey, fruit and wine,
I love you, California; you have won this heart of mine.


I love your old gray Missions – love your vineyards streteching far,
I love you, California, with your Golden Gate ajar,
I love your purple sunsets, love your skies of azure blue,
I love you, California; I just can’t help loving you.


I love you, Catalina – you are very dear to me,
I love you, Tamalpais, and I love Yosemite,
I love you, Land of Sunshine, half your beauties are untold,
I loved you in my childhood, and I’ll love you when I’m old.


When the snow crowned Golden Sierras
Keep their watch o’er the valleys bloom.
It is there I would be in our land by the sea,
Ev’ry breeze bearing rich perfume,
It is here nature gives of her rarest,
It is Home Sweet Home to me.
And I know when I die I shall breathe my last sigh
For my sunny California.

Well, I couldn’t have said it any better. California…you and I are having a moment!

What is your weather like? Do you love it or try to escape it every chance you get?