January Recap


Instead of doing weekly recaps of my Instagram pictures, I thought I’d do a monthly recap. This idea only came to me today which is why it’s happening 3 days in. I’ll start by saying this month’s recap isn’t going to be exciting. But whatever…here it goes…

The month of January was so much fun in a really quiet way. I learned to knit on the Knifty Knitter Loom and brought the 80’s back with some hot pink leg warmers. I also busted out the first half of a hat. I read How to…Make Love Like A Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson and let me just say…wow. Review to come soon! I also found a book about Andy Warhol that had tons of interesting documents in it – thoughts on that here.

I quit smoking and then started again. Then I stopped…again :) Penny Lane always seemed to be sleeping but I was still quick to document it. Realistically we spent loads of time at the park and on walks. I learned that I LOVE feeding the ducks after a good run around and that it’s best to keep Penny Lane, with her white fur, off of the muddy trails when I need to be somewhere after our walk.

I made a pizza from scratch which somewhat magically came out in the shape of a heart and made Date Nut Balls for the first time. Delicious. That was the extent of my cooking/baking for the month. I had weird run ins at the laundromat and made late night runs out to by more paper for my writing. Business was awesome and I found my shakes and cleanses which had been packed when I moved. I started running stairs just because they’re there now. I wrote a lot. And then I wrote some more.