To help you get an idea about who I am, I have created a list of random things that I absolutely ADORE!
♥ Cotton Candy ♥ Being a woman ♥ Huge sunglasses ♥ Changing my hair
♥ Glitter ♥ Dresses/Skirts ♥ Eyeliner ♥ Sewing
♥ Magazines ♥ French ♥ Knitting ♥ Network Marketing ♥ High Heels
♥ Crazy looking artwork ♥ Painting
♥ My dog Penny Lane ♥ COLOR ♥ Baking ♥ Cosmetology
♥Isagenix ♥ Westerns ♥ Vision Boards
♥ Nutcrackers ♥ Reading ♥ Writing ♥ Fiddle music

Did I mention that I’m a Virgo? Ha. I also love making lists! If you’re whip smart, you probably caught that already! I’m living my life to the fullest and doing what makes me happy ecstatic!

 I work from home as an Independent Consultant and Wellness Coach with Isagenix. My job is to help people get healthy and make money on their own terms. I  absolutely love having the freedom this allows me. I decide my own income and all I do is help people live the life they desire. Win-Win.

 I redesign old furniture. I hate the idea of it being tossed out in the trash so I paint and fix up the old piece turning it into a work of whimsy. It’s a lot of fun. I’ll do sporadic DIY posts  for this and other creative projects.

My dog is the coolest little pup (AKA Nugget) in the whole world! I’m sure this has to be true. Her name is Penny Lane and we both like the David Bowie version better than the Beatles. (Okay, that’s sort of a lie, we love the Beatles too.)

This Blog

I love writing so I do that over here at the Daily Dose of Hannah. I write about anything that pops into my head but especially dating, social skills, and media. Sarcasm and dry humor reign supreme over there but I talk about some serious stuff. As much as I love sharing ways to cope with dating or grief I find just as much joy from making hair look the size of a laundry basket and painting a table with glitter.


FishEyedGlam was born. This is where all of the frivolous and sparkly extra stuff ends up. When I talk about glamour – think more Weetzie Bat than Old Hollywood. I want the wild, crazy, colorful world of glamour. The tagline here is Living glamorously…from a distorted view.

The name and tagline comes from my love for Fisheye Lomography cameras. I’m a huge fan of how the image is distorted just enough that you’re forced to see whatever is in the picture in a new way. Anything can look fresh when seen through this cameras lens. I wanted to remind myself to take a fresh, sometimes distorted, look at every aspect of my life. To not be so caught up in the regular and boring and mature.

FishEyedGlam is a reminder to have fun and live colorfully. Oh yeah…and dress fabulously!